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Women and Mental health

As we know women have an important role to play in society, raising the children, shaping the family and in modern society a bread winner for the family, rule the country etc. Hence it's important to make sure they are healthy physically and emotionally. A woman goes through lots of changes in her body over the years and stressors through out their life, including the hormonal changes like: during the menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause etc.

The hormonal changes during the menstrual cycles, also known as PMS and PMDD etc, may cause: mood changes, irritability, sleep and appetite changes, craving for the carbs, weight changes and anxiety etc.

Other conditions such as anxiety and panic disorder are more commonly noted in women than in men throughout their life cycle. It is known that in some cultures the women are at higher risk for abuse, post traumatic stress, and other emotional issues related to the abuse. Also there are gender differences in the onset and progression of the memory problems such as Alzheimers Dementia

Its is important to recognize and treat the problems early to avoid more of the distress and disability to the person and the family. Most of the time, either counseling to educate the changes and make one to think positive-CBT, and/or treatment with medication such as SSRI’s and SNRI’s may give complete remission of the symptoms and avoidance of the long term disability.

Due to stigma in society many times women may avoid seeking help in time leading to worsening of the emotional problems and disability. With the advent of the technology (tele psychiatric services) some of these emotional issues can be addressed in privacy, without the concerns for the stigma in society.

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