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  • Can I use the email listed on your website for clinical, medication, and appointment related concerns?"
    Depends on the inquiry. In emergency call 911, or visit the nearest ER. If the question you are sending us is not urgent in nature, if it can wait till next busienss day, you may send the questions in the email.
  • Any instructions on how to setup, start the telepsychiatry video calls"
    Please click the INSTRUCTIONS and read further. If you still have questions or need help contact the office at 863-419-7645. One of the office staff may be help you setup the zoom app.
  • How to setup a ZOOM video call?
    Zoom video applications for your samrt phones, tablet, or computers can be downloaded for free from Zoom website. You are not required to sign up for any zoom account.You can also watch a videoon how to install the Zoom here ZOOM setup.
  • Can I fax the paperwork for initial office visit to your office before my visit?
    Yes. Also you can save the paperwork in your computer, atatch to email and send to us too.
  • Is your email account safe and secure, encrypted?"
    Yes. We do use proton mail, which do encrypt incoming and outgoing emails to out proton mail account-
  • Can I fill the form for office visit, online?"
    Yes. You can complete the PDF fillable frms, save them to your computer for attaching to your email to us.
  • What is the Concierge Service for telepsychiatry? How does it work?
    If interested in Concierge Serives please contact the office for details. You do need an annual memebrship to our services, that guarentee a tele visit with in 24 hours. In addition to the membership fee, you may be required to pay the copay at the time of serivce, depending on your insurance plan and deductibles.
  • Will I see the doctor or other providers in the clinic?
    This clinic has 3 PAs along with Dr Vangala as the provider. All the patients visits will be supervised by the MD provider, though most of the work will completed by the PAs. As Dr Vangala is also teach at few of the local PA traning programs, time to time there will be students, either observing Dr Vangala or his PAs interview. At times students will gather initial information from the patient then either Dr Vangala or one of the PAs take over rest of the treatment desicions.
  • Does your office complete the paperwork for Social Security Disability Application
    No. But we will promptly send the patients history and notes to the Social Security, upon authorization from patient to facilitate the SSA to make a determination. We do not complete any papaerwork for the attorney offices, who may be helping your disability case.
  • Does your office write letter to excuse a patient from Jury duty?
    Yes, we can writeletter, for excusingyou from the jury duty, if your mental health is untable to attend the jury.
  • Does your office write letters, to get an emotionally support animal, travel with pets etc.? "
    No. Due to recent changes in laws with airlines and other apartments/ condo owners etc. we are unable to write any spportive letter.
  • Is there a late cancellation fee, no show fee etc.?"
    Yes, we do charge late cancellation, no show fee. Please contact office for details.
  • Does your office treat patients with TMS, VNS, DBS etc?"
    We do manage the VNS settigns and do refer to other local proiders for TMS treatment. We also do presurgical assessments for DBS.
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