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Almost all individuals dream, though some of us don’t remember the content, up on waking up, others may vaguely recall at first but as the day passes by, they tend to forget more and more details. It’s good to write down immediately when a person wakes up from dreaming- if you want to discuss about your dream. The daydreaming (fantasizing) is different than actual dreams but may consists of the wishful thoughts and desires. What come in the dreams, may be a residue or continuation of one’s daytime activities, or preoccupations, also depends on individual’s emotional status.

In dreams we express our emotional status and energy etc. in a non-threatening or safe environment. We commonly hear that dreams are negative when under stress.

Depressed people may start dreaming more as the depression improve, as their REM sleep or deep stages of sleep return to normal. Anxious people dreams are mostly negative, self-defeating, feeling helpless in their dreams. People who have suffered emotional trauma, their dreams, also called nightmares are reoccurring dreams with same theme. Some dreams are scary and called night terrors: individual wakes up in panic and somewhat disoriented for few min, then recovers. In nightmares, they are reoccurring dreams, individual wakes up with a clear consciousness, unlike night terrors.

Good dreams and bad dreams: Dreams are always good to be though content of it is sometimes scary or unacceptable. At least a person, is expressing their unconscious emotional self in dreams with no external consequences to deal with if those dreams were in fact real. Sigmund Freud thought that dreams are royal road to one’s unconscious mind. It gives a lot of information to a trained person, to analyze.

Dreams and medication: at time some medication may increase the dreaming- such as medication which increase acetyl choline in brain, some of the medication may decrease the frequency of dreaming or nightmares.

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